6203 Kinesiology Tech-Pre-Engineered Kit - Lower Leg

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6203 Kinesiology Tech-Pre-Engineered Kit - Lower Leg Features & Benefits THE ULTIMATE IN STICK-TO-ITIVITY • The only kit comprised of 3 ready-to-go pre-engineered pieces designed for fast, simple and effective kinesiology taping—best for Achilles tendonitis, shin-splints, instability, swelling, strains and sprains. • Lifts the skin at a micro level to allow enhanced circulation for help in pain relief, swelling mitigation and overall healing • Lightweight, water and sweat resistant • Can be worn for up to 5 days • Includes 2 applications, 6 individual pieces – one size fits most • Includes instructions for 3 common conditions Size: OS Materials Used: 100% cotton with hypo-allergenic latex-free adhesive Technology Kinesiology Tech Kinesiology taping is recognized internationally for facilitating pain relief, enhancing the healing process of the body’s lymphatic system and managing joint instability.
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