6446X Teflx™ Leg Sleeves - Black

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6446X - Black
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Wherever body parts are making contact with courts and hard surfaces, TEFLX protects player and protects itself with its highly durable properties.

Extend your dominance

• TEFLX™ ultra-durable resistance coating uniquely suited to the rigors of court and youth sports
• TEFLX™ Can withstand repeated scuffs and skids on hard surfaces
• Ideal for body-to-surface contact or body-to-body contact
• Featuring 9mm Hex Technology
• Extended length provides enhanced fit as well as added protection against cuts and scratches
• Dry and cool via hDc™ Moisture Management Technology
• Machine washable/dryable
• TEFLX™ Technology has been tested by an independent 3rd party sporting goods testing lab for abrasion, durability and strength—meeting or exceeding ASTM textile test standards
• Includes one pair







Knee Circumference

13” – 14.5”
33cm – 36cm

14.5” – 15.5”
36cm – 39cm

15.5” – 16.5”
39cm – 42cm

16.5” – 18.5”
42cm – 47cm

18.5” – 21”
47cm – 53cm

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