1. The perfect badminton shoes!



    When it comes to badminton, most people focus on racquets, however finding the right shoes are equally important. Badminton can be categorized as a vigorous sport that involves a great deal of twisting and turning, and often at high speed. Therefore, investing in a good badminton shoe can reduce the risk of injury and maximise one’s performance during a badminton game.


    Although there are many factors in selecting a good

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  2. Your Guide to Badminton Stringing with Li-Ning

    How often do you need to restring?

     It depends how often do you use your racquet and what type of players you are. A quick way to test this out is by putting the racquet right under the light check if your strings are fraying. If they are, it’s time to string before they snap when you are in the middle of a game.


    What string tensions shall I go for?

    Essentially, it depends on what type of players you are but a general guidelines are:

    • Beginners: 20-23 lbs
    • Intermediate players: 24-27 lbs
    • Professionals: 28-34lbs

    Why is getting the right string tension important?

    • It helps players to optimise performance during games with b
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  3. Badminton through Basic Footwork

    What is footwork?

    Badminton is known as a vigorous sport that requires quick movements on court. Footwork means leg movements on court and the more graceful a player is, the more smoother his/her movement will be.


    Why is footwork important?

    a)      Provides superb speed and agility to enable players to move around the badminton court swiftly and return every shuttlecock easily.

    b)      Provides sufficient reaction time for the next oncoming shot

    c)      Allows you to conserve strength by reducing unnecessary steps


    What are the basic footwork?

    Always remember that the base (starting point) is usually at the centre of the court (either left or right side). This position is most ideal as it allows the player to get to where the shuttle lands with the least amount of footstep

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