When it comes to badminton, most people focus on racquets, however finding the right shoes are equally important. Badminton can be categorized as a vigorous sport that involves a great deal of twisting and turning, and often at high speed. Therefore, investing in a good badminton shoe can reduce the risk of injury and maximise one’s performance during a badminton game.


Although there are many factors in selecting a good badminton shoe, the three vital ones are mainly the sole, cushion and size of the shoe. The sole determines the grip strength and traction of the shoe. If you are like most players that play on rubber-floored courts, a gum rubber sole will be the best choice. It is recommended to use them only on court to prevent the soles from accumulating dust.

Next, a good shoe will come with comfortable cushion that acts as a shock absorber to enable the wearer to perform quick movements on court. For example, when a player moves forward, the front leg supports the body weight, however with the cushion, it absorbs the pressure of the body weight making it easier for a player to move swiftly on court and preventing the knee from getting injured.


Finally, getting the right shoe size with perfect fit will make a big difference to a player. Areas near the toes and heels should fit snugly and tightly to avoid friction between the feet and shoes which can increase the chance of blisters, unpleasant tears and sores. Nevertheless, it is very common for sports shoes to eventually loosen a little after wearing it a few times although the shoe size can be the right one. Bear with it and do not opt for the next size as the shoe needs to season and will eventually fit perfectly.