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Li-Ning Athletic Women's Skirt - Black

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This athletic skirt features a unique two-part design that adds a comfortable feeling to anyone who wears it. The left leg is covered by a solid blue body.

The right leg features a few tassel-like accents with blue, white, and red tones.

  • The layout produces a unique multi-faceted design and is the first thing to see as you look at a quality athletic skirt.
  • The design features a firm look that stays sturdy throughout your workout.
  • But it is also slim enough to be easy to wear wherever you go while working out.
  • The design will not bog you down as you’re in the line of competition.
  • The top area features an elastic band that fits well on your waist. The design allows for a good body that flexes well and allows for a comfortable feeling.

Take note of this athletic skirt when looking for something that fits well for your workout desires.

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