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Li-Ning Men's Polo Tee - Black

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Those looking for a more formal look to an athletic top will appreciate how well this shirt for men looks. The top features a collared neck with three buttons.

  • You can adjust the fit on your shirt based on the activity, or for when you need to allow a bit of air to move through.
  • The shirt includes various small pockets that allow air to move through the body.
  • These features prevent overheating and moisture buildup.
  • The fabric is also soft enough to keep you comfortable, but thin enough to where it won’t add lots of bulk.
  • The texture is also gentle on your skin, so you won’t feel irritation as you go up and down the court or pitch. The short sleeves also provide a flexible layout.
  • The design allows for full movement, which you’ll need when making more out of your workout.

Try this shirt for size if you’re looking for something functional and comfortable.

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