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N80-II 3D BreakFree - Silver/Green

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The Li-Ning 3D Break Free N80-II is used by World Champion Xu Chen.   The Li-Ning N80-II is part of the "3D Break Free System Series" which adopts the innovative geometrcal cross-section construction which reduces the rame drag coefficient by 10.5%. The oofensive player with both power and skill can expects faster swing energy and increases in shuttle speed by 4.8% when applying the same force. 3D Break Free frame creates greater swing inerta and powerful smashes   The N80-II is an ideal racquet for offensive and hard-hitting players. With added weight to its racquet head using the latest Multi Polymer Carbon Fibre Reinforcing Technology, players can maximise the advantages of G Force, while optimise the gravity force to create exceptional power and speed. Through extensive research an development in Nano Science Technology, G Force provides players with the extra edge needed in their game.  

Product Details Color - Silver, Green, Black

Weight - W3 Grip Size - S2

Tension - 24 - 28 lbs ( depends on string )  

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